How it all started...

Vicente Diaz

Vicente Diaz left a career of banking for a world of Buttercream.

In May 2006 he opened Let Them Eat Cake, located at 405 Maple Street in Valley Junction. Vicente was known to bake cakes for his friends and co-workers at Citibank in three of its location.

He first worked for Citibank in his native home city of Mexico City, where his family also owns a successful bakery. He was then transferred to Los Angeles, California and once again to Seattle, Washington.

While working at Citibank in Seattle, Vicente took a second job for four years and worked part-time at a hotel, getting involved with banquets. A Chef from the hotel asked Vicente about his culinary plans for the future.

Owning a bakery and becoming a Pastry Chef has always been a dream for Vicente and he thought it was time to take a chance.

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It's important for him know as much as he can to properly design a cake that reflects your personality and your reception décor.