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The following is an idea of the topics which Vicente Diaz will ask you about the wedding cake when you visit for a consultation. It will save time, for both you and the confectioner, to think about the following topics ahead of time. It's important for him know as much as he can to properly design a cake that reflects your personality and your reception décor.

When to order

Plan to order your cake six months in advance. If you're marrying during peak wedding season (June-October) you may have to order it even sooner, up to a year.

Determine your cake style

Look to your personal style, wedding location, season, favorite color or flower, or your wedding dress as inspiration for your cake style. You can even bring photos of cakes you like and images of your reception site.

Deciding if he's the right one for you

Interview the Vicente and ask to see samples of his work. Vicente will talk about what he has done in the past and show you pictures from his portfolio, but he doesn't feel comfortable giving personal contact information of his former clients when you ask for a reference.

Finalize your list

Determine a head count before you meet with the confectioner. The price of a wedding cake is calculated by number of servings and level of design.

Taste test

Your welcomed to make an appointment to sample two flavors of cakes and fillings to make sure your confection will taste as good as it looks.

Frosting on the cake

Discuss various options with Vicente to choose the right icing for your wedding location. For example, shy away from butter-cream and whipped cream icings if you're having an outdoor wedding. The heat causes the icing to melt.

Filling up the cake

Often times the cake may not fit the right flavor profile. Here is where the filling comes in. From Mousse, jelly, syrups and glazes there are more oppertunies to add more of your personal elements into your cake using a special filling.

Show piece

To save money, have a small, beautiful wedding cake on display for the ceremonial cutting with extra sheet cakes waiting in the kitchen to serve your guests.

The modern cake

Do away with the traditional wedding cake in favor of cupcakes, pies, cheesecakes or individual pastries stacked on trays in tiers. An other popular choice is to have small wedding cakes on the guest's table.

Priceless toppers

A heirloom antique topper adds a personal touch-and a free way to decorate your cake.

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